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Interview: Trevor Ginn about Online Retail, SEO and Entrepreneurship

In November 2013 I started to get to know Trevor Ginn. He hired me for an internship as an online marketing executive. To me, Trevor embodies a classic entrepreneur from head to toe. His reliable and charming appearance combined with his strong desire to improve his business every day
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Why every Entrepreneur needs an Alfred Pennyworth

In this post I want to reflect about a key issue on every entrepreneurs life that not necessarily has something to do with the business itself. It’s about the backbone of the entrepreneur. It’s about the backup that every entrepreneur should have. It’s about Alfred Pennywoth. Basement
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18 Tips for Networking

As you dive in into the whole networking thing there are a few guidelines that come along with it. Like any other form of social behaviour, networking follows certain rules offline as well as online. Here are 18 tips for networking that you should consider for your next opportunity. A
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Interview with Patrick Hundt on Online Businesses and Entrepreneurship

Hi Patrick! Please introduce yourself to the audience and tell them who you are and what you are doing in a few sentences. Patrick: Hi Denny, thanks for inviting me to this interview. I’m what people might call a digital nomad which means I currently travel a lot and earn my living wh
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“Why do we fall?” – 4 Ways to Deal with Setbacks

Master-mind Christopher Nolan aka the reinventor of the Dark Knight, wrote fantastic dialogues throughout the whole Batman triology. One of them is going through all movies like a red string and is therefore one the most important ones. The first time this specific dialogue appears it
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