Why every Entrepreneur needs an Alfred Pennyworth

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Dieser Tage löse ich meinen allerersten auf WordPress betriebenen Blog auf, den ich damals unter dem Namen "Batrepreneur" (Batman+Entrepreneur) im Sommer 2013 ins Leben gerufen habe. Der Blog, der sich im Kern mit den Themen Entrepreneurship, Online Marketing und Blogging befasst hat, bietet auch einige Querverweise zum Thema Sales. Meine sechs spannendsten und für die Leser wertvollsten Beiträge aus meinem alten Blog möchte ich hier noch einmal auf Sales Pitch veröffentlichen. In diesem Beitrag geht es um die Qualitäten eines guten Freundes. Einer Person, die jeder Entrepreneur in seinem Leben wissen sollte:

In this post I want to reflect about a key issue on every entrepreneurs life that not necessarily has something to do with the business itself.

It’s about the backbone of the entrepreneur.

It’s about the backup that every entrepreneur should have.

It’s about Alfred Pennywoth.


Many Entrepreneurs know their skills and they know what they are able to accomplish – by themselves!
Entrepreneurs usually tend to have a very good feeling on their weaknesses and strengths. Maybe weaknesses are regarded as less important whereas strenghts can be overestimated.

This rollercoaster of dealing with an honest self-assessment makes it sometimes difficult to judge the own performance. An admiring but objective look from the outside is needed. Sooner or later also the best Entrepreneurs will need some guidance and help throughout their projects. Aspects that give a clear input on basic thoughts rather than execution work.

So what makes Alfred Pennyworth being the perfect backup?

Different Point of View

Having someone around you like Alfred means that there is always a reliable and wise person in the back that enables you to get other views on issues at a time. He stays beside you when you struggle and keeps your head up in difficult times. He will encourage you to move forward. His life-long experience provides Bruce with new insights whenever they are needed.
The symbol that Alfred represents can have many faces. For instance it can have the outcome of an adoring friend that gives you a hand on a difficult thought that you have. Or maybe it is just a silent companion that is listening to your concerns. Someone who is looking on your business from the outside point of view and therefore gives a fresh and objective input.

No matter how this support looks like – try to embrace all advices that your close ones will share with you. They are the ones that have the biggest interest in you and the fewest expectations to receive something in return.

Questioning Behaviour

Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth know each other since Master Bruce was born. Throughout many years they developed a trustworthy relationship with all ups and downs that time brought into Gotham City. Due to their life-long relationship Alfred became a kind of good conscience of Bruce and an inofficial family member rather than the from the outside regarded butler.

The consequence is that their situation is far beyond a simple boss-employee relationship. That enables Alfred to talk about serious matters that may go against the will of Bruce Wayne. As I described, it isn’t a usual relationship that they maintain. Speaking honestly means saying things the other person doesn’t really want to hear.

Furthermore, it can also find expression in a behaviour of acting in others interests and favours in order not to hurt them (think about the letter of Rachel that was hidden by Alfred on purpose). Therefore, don’t be insulted or personally offended by tips or hints. Especially if they come from people that have a genuine interest in you. If they are close companions of yours you should appreciate that they show courage to tell you their point of view and give you an honest feedback – be sure that it’s not going to be easy for them either.

Represent Values

One, if not the most important objective of Batman is not to kill. It’s fighting injustice and stand in for those who can’t safe themselves. In Injustice Gods Among Us #11 it is Superman that kills the Joker and imposed a forced peace throughout the world. Watch Alfreds reaction below:

Arguably, that killing others is a general matter that doesn’t catch a lot of understanding by others. However, it reveals something else. That others are treated with respect. Nevertheless, a certain behaviour by others is strictly rejected and will be condemned if it goes against principles and moral values.

Despite different point of views that Bruce and Alfred might have to sort out from time to time, at the end of the day they are both standing on the same side. They represent one team and one believe.

Loyal Friendship

At the end of the day we can sum up that all the points mentioned are first and foremost builded on a relationship that is based on a friendship. Alfred in his position itself can not be regarded as a butler. He is a long-life companion that never leaves Bruce side – no matter what.

To see the „benefits“ of this relationship is quiet obvious: In Alfred Pennyworth Bruce has found someone who dedicated his life to him in order to try protecting him in every way he can excluding the execution. This is very much what also every Entrepreneur should looking forward to have. A companion or a group of reliable people that don’t turn your back on you when it goes hard on hard. Sometimes it’s especially those people that enable you to open up a new perspective that is often not visible while you are involved in your business.

Alfred Pennyworth Entrepreneurship

This post was originally published November 3, 2013.

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